C-19 Thermal
QT THERMAL provides increased health
and wellbeing for employees and employers.
Simplified access control and visitor management
with wellness-check access and control solutions.
gesture highres
C-19 Gesture air
QT Gesture is an optical hand tracking module that captures the movements of
your hands with unparalleled accuracy. Attach to any Quintessence software
presentation solution and control the presentation with a wave of a hand.
Haptic high res
C-19 Haptic air
QT HAPTIC is the smart way to take out-of-home entertainment, advertising and retail to the next level – fast. Designed for quick deployment and safety tested for public use, this plug-and-play haptic module can be bolted on to existing presentations. Feel your interface in the air!
voice banner
C-19 Voice air
QT VOICE provides easy interaction with any presentation Simply call out a set of key commands bespoke to you presentation and avoid the requirement to touch the presentation. Ideal for simple presentations!
pen banner
C-19 Pen touch
QT PEN PCAP/IR pen for seamless and
precise interaction with any touchscreen
remote banner
C-19 Remote
QT Remote bring-your-own device, QR scan and
control your presentations via remote control.
tag banner
C-19 Tag
QT TAG provides touch control with 3D printed
objects that can simply be placed anywhere
on a screen to control an associated